New album "An Turas Mór"


An Spiorad recording // sequel of "Dord na Mara"

Hi all,

after a couple of months absence (as it may now seem a little bit clearer) we would like to share some exciting news with you guys. We've been in the studio since december 2023 an are currently working on ur new full-length album to be released in summer 2024. The title is going to be "An Turas Mór" which is Irish Gaelic an means "The great journey". Once again, the album is going to be following a concept and will close the circle as a diology with its prequel "Dord na mara". The main topic is going to be all about returning, rebuilding and getting comfortable back at home after being in exile. Dord na Mara was dealing with leaving for good, exile, seafaring and there are a few analogies to be found that we absolutely intended in that way.

The album will be released this summer. We will let you know the exact date once we are finished with our recordings. It is being produced by Mark Rabe at Sound Exit Studios Dortmund once again and partly in Hennings private studio in Ferch. Aditionally, there will be the one or the other guest on the album, as well. So stay tuned for that, too. We have a big surprise coming up! Certainly there will be physical CD copies available at our gigs, through a soon-to-be ready online shop here on our site and Amazon Germany.

We also have recorded some tracks that were written over the last 2 or 3 years but will not be featured on the album but released seperately as only online versions, for download and streaming only. One of those tracks will be released in a very short time, so keep your eyes and ears open! We are impatiently awaiting of what you think about our new songs as there are quite a few we haven't played live so far. Plus, it is Dennis' first appearance on an An Spiorad recording at all!

We, ourselves are already quite happy with what we have accomplished regarding our recordings and we hope you will be glad with the result being presented when it's time.


Dennis, Ole, Pascal, Jens, Marc, Tony und Henning