We are more than happy and proud being able to open for the great folk punk band "The Rumjacks" on 4 December 2021 at the Piano in Lütgendortmund. The likeable guys have just released a new studio album, "Hestia", which is an absolute blast from front to back. Definitely listen to it.

We made it on the "Raise your Pints" compilation by MacSlon's featuring the song "Carry me Home" off our recent album Album "Dord na Mara"! The series is a must have in the folk rock scene and will be issued for the 6th time. The prequels of this volume already featured bands like "The Real McKenzies", Canadians with...

About Us

After having met coincidently for the first time at an open mic session in an Irish pub in 1996 Ole Peters (vocals, bass guitar) and Marc Hoper (vocals, guitar, bass) would never have thought that this encounter could ever turn out to create one of the best booked Irish Folk bands in Western Germany.

They spontaneously "founded" the two-piece band "The Plästic Päddies" in 1997 and were soon promoted as an insider tip in the local acoustic music scene.



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